Investment Philosophy

The success of Capita Asset Management's stringent selection process for its asset allocators coupled with the company's emphasis on its portfolio construction is illustrated in its consistent performance.

Capita Asset Management is solely focused on the identification of quality managers and constructing portfolios based on the best blend of managers that compliments each other. Capita blends similar mandates in its portfolios with different styles to manage performance expectations as accurately as possible in terms of the way assets are allocated and actively managed.

Investment Philosophy at a Glance

Boutique Investment Partners (BIP) is a specialised investment consulting and works in association with Capita Asset Management Trust to provide professional advice on managing wrap and unit trust portfolios.

BIP has extensive experience in the multi-management of investment funds, on both local and global assets.

We do not subscribe to the view that large investment teams translate into good investment performance. Instead, we focus our research efforts on skilled individuals with sufficient resources to implement their stated investment process.
We seek investment styles that have worked consistently in different markets. We recognise that beyond 'value' versus 'growth', there are other equally important and less researched styles that have a significant impact on portfolio returns. We do not attempt to be style neutral in our portfolios and aim to use our style biases to increase returns.
We leverage technology through our proprietary database and risk management software to monitor the selected managers constantly to ensure that they continue to fulfil their original selection criteria.
We look for managers who have a clearly defined and well-articulated investment philosophy. The manager must translate the philosophy into a coherent process on a consistent basis and have the necessary resources to achieve this.
We recognise that managers who consistently adhere to their investment process, produce better long-term relative returns compared to managers who modify their processes according to economic conditions.
We examine the way the manager constructs their portfolio, the types of stocks held, the risk appraisal process and the levels of trading and turnover. Through risk and return attribution, we assess whether or not the risks taken by the manager reflect their specific style, philosophy and process.

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